Cempedak + Bintan Islands, Indonesia

June 17, 2019

We visited the beautiful Cempedak and Bintan Islands  in Indonesia,just a short 1 hr ferry ride from Singapore.

Cempedak Island: A beautiful private island  about 2 hrs from Singapore. 1 hr  ferry from Singapore to Bintan Island, 1 hrs ride in private car  across Bintan and lastly 30min fast boat ride in arranged by hotel to Cempedak. There is 20 private villas (each with private plunge pool), 3 bars and 1 restaurant on this eco-luxury resort. The food is absolutely amazing, bursts of local flavours no menu just catch of the day. They do however make substitution  for allergies. They have their own vegetable garden on the island.

Its a small island but there is a lot to do, snorkeling, catamaran tours, moon gazing, clay tennis court, Croquet, bird watching and ofcourse plunging in private pool. We spent four days here and it was absolutely magical. The villas are big beautiful, airy and no AC but we didn’t need it really. There is no hair drier or flat iron so bring yours if you will need one. There is a lot of bugs but they provide lotion/ insects repellant.

The staff is very friendly, the food and drinks so yummy, if you are ever in Singapore definitely try to check out Cempedak

Bintan Island :  This is another Indonesian island just an hr from Singapore. Its a beautiful island but unfortunately there was  oil pollution while were here. The beaches were covered with  bunker oil that was dumped  in open sea. Its apparently a popular destination for Singapore residents but it was absolutely not my favourite spot. Avoid it at all costs.

Our villa at Cempedak

Lunch hour at Cempedak

Dodo Bar at Cempedak

Afternoon dip at Cempedak

Local flavours

One of my most fav meal


late night walk

Island garden



Our bedroom on 2nd floor at Cempedak

Peaches// Cempedak

Beach// Cempedak

Leaving Cempedak

Loved this pool

Bar by the beach

More pool pics

Cempedak desserts

Bintan Island

Yoga time at Banyan tree in Bintan

Lovers in Bintan

Sunrise in Bintan

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